September 29, 2009

The Place of Exchange in Public Diplomacy

Exchange holds an important place in our hearts, and we are very excited to see it take a central role in U.S. public diplomacy. As a J-1 sponsor we have been able to witness the tremendous impact of J-1 exchange programs on the lives of thousands of people and we are confident that these programs will not dissappoint as a tool to promote international understanding and cooperation.

At the launch of the Public Diplomacy Collaborative at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Judith McHale, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, spoke about the new strategies being implemented by the current administration to make U.S. diplomatic efforts more effective. President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are engaging other countries in a different way, encouraging an open dialogue and directly addressing damaging myths about the United States that have taken root abroad. Judith McHale, then goes on to champion exchange as an important component of the Obama Administration's diplomatic efforts. She recognizes the profound effect that exchange programs can have on the lives of individuals and how an individual's viewpoint can ripple out and affect thousands of others.

Global Current is proud to be a part of the movement to promote exchange and we encourage all J-1 participants and host companies to recognize their integral role in making exchange programs happen and how these exchange programs fit into a larger effort to facilitate international understanding and cooperation.

Yay Exchange!!

September 16, 2009

New DS-7002!!

A new DS-7002 has been released on the Department of State's website!

Keep your shirt on. The new DS-7002 is pretty similar to the old one. The new form has improvements in format and small improvements in content. Requests for program information that were irrelevant or misleading have been replaced with more clear and pertinent information requests.

Before having any substantial experience with the form, it seems that the only field that could cause confusion for our customers contains the choices for the J-1 program type. The choices are trainee, intern and student intern. For Global Current J-1 intern and trainee programs, only the intern and trainee boxes should be marked. The student intern is for students doing internships at a university in the U.S. This should not be confused with interns that are currently enrolled in a university outside the U.S. completing an internship in the United States at a host company/organization.

We are still working on incorporating the new form into our application. We will provide updates as the new updated application is released, however we do encourage all of our customers to begin using the new DS-7002 immediately.