June 28, 2011

Did You Know? - J-1 Trainee Requirements

Foreign nationals from all countries are eligible for a U.S. J-1 trainee visa if they:

a) Possess a foreign degree and 1+ year of relevant professional experience
b) In lieu of a degree, possess 5+ years of relevant professional experience

If you are a foreign national who has already secured a trainee opportunity here in the United States, we may be able to serve as your J-1 program visa sponsor.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions:

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Jon Adler, Program Manager

Does the J Visa Program Abuse American Workers?

There has been an increased amount of debate within the U.S. Government regarding the question as to whether the J-1 Visa Program abuses foreign students and American workers. A hearing within the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Enforcement will address this question at some point this Fall.

While there are certainly areas within the program that could be vastly improved upon, particularly the Summer Work/Travel program, it is our belief that the benefits of the program, such as promoting greater foreign understanding of the United States and our culture, far outweigh the disadvantages.

As an accredited J-1 visa sponsor for the trainee & intern categories, we work tirelessly to make sure that the foreign nationals that we sponsor are not coming to the U.S. to take employment positions from American workers. We also will only sponsor foreign nationals who wholeheartedly plan to return to their home countries once their training/intern programs are complete. We truly hope that other J-1 visa sponsors take the same approach.

What do you think of the J-1 program? How can it be improved? We welcome your feedback......