July 14, 2009

The DS-7002 & Hollywood Action Flicks

A well-done DS-7002 is like a Hollywood blockbuster. Just like a hit film, a stellar DS-7002 is not too long, loosing the interest of the audience, and not too short, leaving the audience with hundreds of unanswered questions and a vague notion of the program plan, or plot.

The film analogy is a bit of a stretch, but the point is that the second page of the DS-7002 should provide the reader with a good summary of the J-1 program plan. In 2008 we were informed that U.S. consulates were unhappy with the lengthiness of many DS-7002s and it was recommended that we ask our customers to shorten the form. As a result, we request that the DS-7002 contain only a summary of a longer and more detailed written program plan.

The DS-7002 is one of the most important components of the J-1 sponsorship application and it tends to be the biggest hurtle when working towards program approval. Even still, there have been quite a few DS-7002s that have waltzed through our doors and earned the signature of approval without any trouble. These particular forms are completed in entirety and do not include the phrase, "See Attached." Also, even though the heading and format of the second page suggest otherwise, we prefer that the form summarize all phases of the program on one second page rather than providing a page for each phase. The great DS-7002s read like narratives, allowing the sponsor to create a picture in their head of exactly what this J-1 candidate will be doing. Lastly, we understand that every activity does not fit in the tiny box labeled Chronology or Syllabus of Training, and so we accept a list of the topics covered by each phase or the title of each phase. We will more thoroughly evaluate the training method in the written program plan.

Again, each sponsor's requirements for the DS-7002 are slightly different but we do provide an excellent sample of what we like to receive in our application. Always use samples for guidance.
Please note that the DS-7002 is being reviewed, and the Department of State may issue a new form shortly and thus initiate a change in DS-7002 requirements. We will be sure to keep you updated.