November 12, 2009

J-1 Program Evaluations

J-1 sponsors are required to collect program evaluations from you and your J-1 candidate. Most of the time the supervisor and the trainee/intern have highly functional and effective relationships that earn high scores on program evaluations. On the rare occasion that we receive an evaluation reporting dissatisfaction, we act immediately.

As a J-1 sponsor, our main objective is to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible, allowing the program to continue through to its completion. Often dissatisfaction will stem from communication issues, where one party (supervisor or participant) has specific expectations that are not being met and he/she is unsure how to communicate his/her concerns and resolve the problem. Cultural communication differences will exacerbate this problem. Our first action is to suggest him/her to meet with the supervisor/participant to discuss and reconcile expectations and improve the working situation. We do not typically get involved until all options are exhausted and it is clear that a change must be made.

We will get involved immediately only if there it is an emergency situation. Yikes!

If a company is not following through with the plan described in the DS-7002, then we will often work with the host company to help them get back on track. However, if the company is unresponsive to our efforts, then we typically allow participants to apply for a host company transfer. For a transfer, he or she will locate another host company that is able to adhere to his/her program plan and start the program where it was left off. In the case that the participant is not holding up his/her end of the agreement and is unresponsive to our efforts to rectify the problem, then we are forced to end the program.

Your sponsor is there to support you throughout the J-1 program. Though most issues can be resolved internally, we are always available for support when all other options have been exhausted.