December 11, 2009

Low-Paid J-1 Internships

Due to current economic conditions, companies are turning more and more to unpaid or low paid internships which, “still offer the same advantages: a chance for a worker to gain knowledge and at little or no cost to the employer,”writes Hillary Chura at the New York Times website. Companies that are looking for lower cost options to add capacity on specific projects and develop talent are finding that internships are a great option.

This is good news for potential trainees and interns who may have had some trouble finding opportunities in the past. The new year could bring many more internships in a variety of fields. The fact that intern positions may offer little to no stipend should not be an issue as long as the J-1 candidate has adequate funding throughout the program, whether it be personal or from an outside source like an organization or university.

When evaluating a participant's ability to cover living costs, Global Current considers all personal and outside support, including any benefits that the company will be providing like housing or transportation. Our general rule of thumb is that a participant should have access to at least $2000 USD monthly. This may vary depending on the cost of living of the site of activity.